MyBenefits CalWIN

MyBenefits CalWIN (BCW) is a quick and easy way to apply for CalFresh benefits, Medi-Cal and CalWORKs.

When applying for CalFresh, please complete the on-line application as completely as possible. You will then be contacted for a phone interview. For Medi-Cal, your application will be completed by mail. You can apply for both, with the same application and will be contacted for a phone interview. These applications can be done completely by mail and you will not have to come into the office. You can also apply for CalWORKs (Cash aid for families) but will have to come into the office for an intake interview.

There are programs you cannot use BCW for. You cannot use this system to apply for General Assistance, County Medically Indigent Services Program, Homeless, or if you are under 21 living with a parent or guardian and are requesting confidential medical services under Medi-Cal without your parent/guardian’s knowledge. You must come into our office to apply. Click on “Contact Us” in the BCW screens for more information.