About the Department of Human Assistance

Connected to the Community

The Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance brings together more than 2,000 skilled and dedicated employees each day to plan, implement and oversee a spectrum of programs and services designed to move people from public assistance to independence. DHA's mission of fostering self-sufficiency among those it serves touches every facet of daily life, from employment, housing and health care to transportation, education and child care.

Guided by the specific needs of the Sacramento community, DHA's primary goal is to create and carry out programs and activities that help families and individuals reach their highest potential.

Mission, Vision, Values​

Services that make it happen

Throughout Sacramento County, DHA offers a range of services. Among them:

Volunteer Services

Provides volunteer opportunities for people 55 and older and includes:


Veterans Services

Counsels veterans, their dependents and survivors, and determines eligibility for benefits. 

Programs designed with work in mind

DHA's programs are specifically designed to help low-income families and individuals find workable solutions to daily-living problems as they make the transition from welfare to the workplace. These programs include:

CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids)

The blueprint for what is sometimes referred to as “welfare reform,” this program helps families find and keep jobs through a variety of employment services and activities. It also provides short-term cash assistance to those who qualify, including children being cared for by relatives.

Job Programs

Helps community members find and keep jobs through practical, hands-on activities such as pre-employment training workshops, resume assistance, job referrals, on-the-job training, and “dress-for-success” seminars, among others.

At the Stockton Boulevard Business Information Center, DHA’s job professionals help would-be entrepreneurs start and manage their own small businesses.

General Assistance

Provides short-term cash aid and social services to help single adults find work or, if disabled, obtain aid from other sources.

Disability Case Management (DCM) - Helps disabled recipients apply for Social Security Disability and SSI/SSP benefits.

DHA also determines benefit eligibility for these programs:


Provides medical and dental coverage to those who meet certain federal/state qualifying criteria.

County Medically Indigent Services Program (CMISP)

Helps county residents without other medical coverage obtain health services at area clinics.


Enables low-income households to buy more food and stretch their monthly food budgets.

Foster Care

Provides financial and medical help for children who are placed in foster homes.