Your Hearing Rights

You have the right to ask for a hearing if you disagree with any county action. You have only 90 days to ask for a hearing. The 90 days started the day after the county gave or mailed you a notice.

If you ask for a hearing before an action on Cash Aid, Medi-Cal, Food Stamps or Child Care takes place:

  • Your Cash Aid or Medi-Cal will stay the same while you wait for a hearing
  • Your Child Care Services may stay the same while you wait for a hearing
  • Your Food Stamps will stay the same until the hearing or the end of your certification period, whichever is earlier

If the hearing decision says we are right, you will owe us for any extra Cash Aid, Food Stamps or Child Care services you received.


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Call toll free: 1-800-952-5253 or 1-800-952-8349 for hearing or speech impaired who use TDD.


HEARINGS MAIN LINE: (916) 874-3220


You can ask about your hearing rights or for a legal aid referral at the toll-free state phone numbers listed above. You may get free legal help at your local legal aid or welfare rights office:

Legal Services of Northern California
515 12th Street
Sacramento CA 95814
(916) 551-2150
Coalition of California Welfare Rights Organization (CCWRO)
1111 Howe Ave, Suite 150
Sacramento CA 95825-8551
(916) 736-0616