How to Get Your CASH Benefits at Low or NO Cost!

​Save Money - Know the Facts!
By knowing the facts about your Golden State Advantage Card, or Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Card, you can get ALL of your cash benefits each month and pay NO surcharges or transaction fees!

Your cash EBT can be used:

  • To make purchases
  • To make purchases and receive cash back
  • To make cash-only withdrawals
  • To purchase money orders


How to get your cash benefits:

  • At Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) displaying the QUEST ® logo found at banks, credit unions, malls, grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores.
  • At Point of Sale (POS) devices found at the checkout counter of participating stores.
  • Get cash back with purchase from some stores. If you only need a small amount of cash, you can get it at most supermarkets for free.


  • Learn which stores and ATMs do NOT charge a fee to give you cash.
  • Don't make small withdrawals at an ATM.
  • Get your cash at ATMs that are "surcharge" free.
  • To avoid transaction fees, don't go to an ATM more than four (4) times a month.
  • Save your ATM and POS receipts to keep track of your balances and how many cash withdrawals you have made in a month.  

Sign Up for Direct Deposit to Your Bank Account

You can have your cash benefits (this excludes General Assistance benefits) deposited directly into your own bank account instead of through EBT. Ask your DHA caseworker to sign you up for Direct Deposit! 

Beware of EBT Theft and Scams

EBT Skimming occurs when a thief places a device on a retailer's card-swiping machine to copy your EBT card information so they can steal your EBT benefits.

EBT Scamming occurs when a thief deceives you into giving out your personal information so they can steal your EBT benefits. Personal information includes your EBT card number, EBT PIN number, social security number, or bank information.

If you think your benefits may have been stolen, you should immediately call the customer service telephone number on the back of your EBT card, 877-328-9677, and the county office at 916-874-3100 or 209-744-0499.

In addition to calling to report EBT theft you must turn in a completed EBT 2259 to the county office. 

  • For benefits stolen through EBT skimming complete form EBT 2259
  • For benefits stolen through an EBT scam complete forms EBT 2259 and EBT 2259A.

EBT 2259 - English or Spanish 
EBT 2259A - English or Spanish

California has been experiencing an increase in the occurrence of Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) theft. The California Department of Social Services is providing security tips and information on how to protect your benefits that can be found on their website: English or Spanish