​Scholarship Program

Promoting Higher Education, Economic Resilience and Stronger 

Scholarship Awardees




Employees of Sacramento County's Department of Human Assistance raise funds annually to award college scholarships to graduating high school seniors living in Sacramento County. This collaborative college scholarship program is available to encourage graduating seniors from low-income families to pursue an education at an accredited college, university, technical or trade school.                

Deadline Postmark by Friday March 15th, 2024

Eligibility for scholarships is without regard to race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.

Employees of Sacramento County and their families, except for employees working in the Classification of student aide, are not eligible.​

This scholarship is awarded each year to promote:

  • Higher Education
  • Economic Resilience
  • Stronger Communities

Applications are available at all DHA Bureaus and the School/Counselor's Office. 

  • Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted. Please answer all questions.
  • All information will remain confidential and will not affect the household's financial assistance.
  • Mail your application to:
  • ​DHA Scholarship Committee,
    Rosa Singh, VEC0,
    2450 Florin Rd.
    Sacramento, CA 95822 ​
  • ​Contact us by phone @ 
    (916) 875-8223 Monday - Friday,
    9am - 12pm or email your questions to Rosa Singh singhro@saccounty.gov

Application Requirements

  1. All applications must include the following:
    • Official sealed high school transcript(s). Copies will not be accepted.
    • Two letters of recommendation from references who can comment on student's leadership/academic abilities (at least one must be from a teacher).
    • Acceptance letter or proof of enrollment. Scholarship check will not be issued until proof of acceptance is provided.
  2. Essays must be typed and have at least 800 words.
  3. Students must title their essay and indicate the essay question they are answering.
  4. Applicant and parent/guardian must sign application.
  5. Application must be postmarked by Friday, March 15, 2024.

DHA Scholarship Program Income Limits 2023/2024 Tax Year

# of Persons​​ INCOME LIMITS
Add per person$3,995.00

​Posted income limits are based on Earned Income Tax Credit Limits and the 200% Federal Poverty Level Guidelines

(All Criteria is Subject to Verification / Proof of Eligibility)

  1. Must be currently living in Sacramento Co.
  2. Must be a graduating high school senior from the class of 2024​, entering a two-year or four-year accredited college, university, or technical/trade school.
  3. Must have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) of 2.5
  4. Must be on public assistance or low income. Submit current verification of public assistance or if not on public assistance, IRS tax form 1040 (2023).


The DHA Scholarship shall be applied toward educational expenses in any field of study at an accredited college, university, technical, or trade school.

  • Incomplete application will NOT  be accepted. Please answer ALL questions.
  • All information will remain confidential and will not affect the household's financial assistance.


You may have potential entitlement to benefits under a program known as the College Fee Waiver Program.

For Veterans, please ​read the CA Fee Waiver Flyer or contact DHA Veterans Services for assistance at (916) 874-6811.


Scholarship Application

Native American Caucus uses a different application: Alan Olvera Memorial Scholarship Description and Application.

Veterans Services College Fee Waiver Program Description and Application.

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If you are a current or former Foster Youth, consider applying for a California Chaffee Grant Program