The Department of Human Assistance (DHA) Ombudsperson is available to help Sacramento County residents who are having difficulty obtaining needed services within the department. The Ombudsperson is a liaison between DHA and the public, customer, and other governmental and private agencies.


The Ombudsperson provides the following services:

  • Conducts independent reviews of complaints concerning department policies or practices.
  • Ensure that policies and practices are consistent with the goals and missions of the Department of Human Assistance.
  • Ensures that individuals are treated fairly, respectfully and with dignity.
  • Makes referrals and recommendations when appropriate.

Please​ consider the following steps when working with the Department of Human Assistance:

  • Keep good records, take notes, and save all of your documents. Keep the names of the agency staff you have contacted.
  • Contact the following people in the order listed prior to calling the Ombudsperson:​
    • Your Social Worker or Case Manager
    • His/Her Supervisor
    • His/Her Program Manager

If you don't get satisfaction, then contact the Ombudsperson's office. We are just a ​phone call away. 

For more information call the DHA Office ​​of the Ombudsperson (916) 875-3555 or email the Ombudsperson.

If you believe that you were treated inappropriately or differently solely because of your race, color, national origin, religion, political affiliation, marital status, sex, age, or disability, state and federal regulations allow for you to file a civil rights complaint directly with the Civil Rights Coordinator for the Department of Human Assistance at (916) 876-4455 or Fax: 854-9265.