Program Integrity

How do I report welfare fraud?

If you suspect someone is committing welfare fraud, contact the DHA Program Integrity Division:

Program Integrity Division
By Email:
By Telephone: (916) 875-8911​

Your identity will be kept confidential. If you wish, you may remain anonymous.

Unfortunately, due to confidentiality laws, the Program Integrity Division cannot provide you feedback or updates related to your referral or any subsequent investigation.


License Plate Recognition Policy

Information needed to report fraud

When you contact the DHA Program Integrity Division, please provide as many details regarding the suspected fraud as possible. The following are some details that will be helpful for our investigators:

  1. What is the full name of the person suspected of fraud?
  2. What is the person's current address?
  3. How are they committing welfare fraud? Some examples include:
    1. They earned income that was not reported to DHA.
      1. If so, what is the name of the employer?
      2. What name is the person using for his/her employment?
    2. They are reporting a child in their home that is living elsewhere.
    3. An unreported adult is living in their home.
    4. They have assets that have not been reported to DHA.
    5. They have not provided DHA with their current address.
  4. May we contact you for further information?
    1. If so, please provide your name and telephone number.
    2. Again, your identity will be kept confidential.